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My love for writing and reporting can be traced back to elementary school, when I would often take notes on field trips to write about later. I even covered our local church's summer school event.

Since then, I've written countless articles for many publications. Starting with my high school newspaper, the Pirate Press, I branched out to other publications in high school — doing an internship with the Boonville Daily News and covering city council meetings for KMZU-FM. After high school, I landed a position with The Muleskinner, the student newspaper for the University of Central Missouri. During my time at each publication, I've covered a multitude of stories ranging from city council meetings erupting over an incoming AR-15 factory to elevator outages to the history of two historic buildings on campus.

My journalism skills go beyond the basics. I'm capable of producing multimedia elements for packages — including videos, audio, infographics, and interactive elements.


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Elevator indicator lights

Elevator Outages Drop Despite Aging Equipment

Elevator outages are fairly common at the University of Central Missouri. In fact, they're so common that a Twitter page memorializing the elevators was setup and Linda Persing - the Office of Accessibility staff member who sent out the "elevator outage" emails - was ingrained into campus as an icon of sorts.

My article, written for The Muleskinner, explored the reliability of the 31 passenger elevators on campus. The average age of the elevators was 27 years old, with the oldest dating all the way back to 1964. Despite aging equipment, elevator reliability improved year-over-year since 2012.

This article featured an interactive map showing details of each elevator on campus, made using Google Maps. Photos of almost every elevator was included in the map, with some showing the interior of the elevator. Data for this map was acquired through UCM's Facilities, Planning and Operations office via Sunshine Request.

My article was mentioned in Elevator World, a trade magazine for elevator technicians.

Climate Controls video screenshot

Building Automation Maintains Temperatures at UCM

It’s too hot. It’s too cold.

These expressions are common around the University of Central Missouri campus, as rooms grow too hot or too cold.

I sought to find out how temperatures are maintained for campus. Michael Neudigate, building automation specialist for UCM's Facilities, Planning and Operations, explained the central computer systems which control the various boilers, chillers, air handlers and other machinery that makes the heating and air conditioning systems on the UCM campus tick automatically adjust temperatures in order to create an average temperature in building around campus.

Neudigate explained the automated system was installed to conserve energy and develop a comfortable environment across campus.

I was responsible for reporting, filming and editing the video. Camera used was the Sony NX5U with Sony wireless lavalier microphones. Editing was done in the UCM DMP labs using Adobe Premiere Pro for Macintosh.

This video was produced for Intro to Digital Video.

Former Warrensburg Training School, before 1915

A Look Back In Time At University High

Between its inception as a normal school in 1871 to 1976, the University of Central Missouri operated a training school to not only train aspiring teachers, but also teach local children. There was an elementary school — Central Elementary — as well as a high school, College High (until 1972) and University High (between 1972 and the closure in 1976.)

My article, featured in the 2018 Homecoming issue of The Muleskinner, discussed the history of the school. I talked to three College/University High alumni who are still active in the university. Jeff Murphy, a University High graduate who was part of the last class in 1976, is now the assistant director of Integrated Marketing and Communication for the University of Central Missouri. Mick Luehrman, a 1970 graduate of College High, is a professor for the Art, Design and Photography department. John Culp, a 1965 graduate of College High, went all the way through Central Elementary before moving to College High.

The story takes a look at their memories of College/University High and how alumni connect today through class reunions.

A photo slideshow featuring historic photos gathered from the McClure Archives and University Museum was also created.

Laura J. Yeater Hall, today

Diemer, Yeater Halls Remain Vacant Despite Long History

Every day, thousands of UCM students pass by two vacant former residence halls: George Diemer Hall and Laura J. Yeater Hall.

My story takes a look at the history of both residence halls and the University's plans for the halls. I spoke to people in University Housing about the residence hall and arranged a tour of the halls.

In addition to photos of the present state of the halls, two other slideshows contain historical photos of both halls. These photos were gathered from the McClure Archives and University Museum, along with background information.

The story was published on The Muleskinner's social media as a way to engage with University alumni and hear their stories from the halls.

This story won third place for Multimedia Package in the division 1 newspaper awards at the 2018 Missouri College Media Association's ceremony. The award was shared between me and Britain Bray, who illustrated the Yeater facade as the story's featured image.

SPIN! Pizza video screenshot

'Delizioso' Changes Affecting SPIN! Pizza

For UCM students and the Warrensburg community, SPIN! Pizza is a popular place to hang out and get dinner.

In February 2019, SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza underwent a transition — changing parts of its menu and even its name. The "Neapolitan" part of their name was dropped, reducing their official name just to "SPIN! Pizza."

The menu had a massive overhaul, ditching the hard-to-pronounce Italian items to simpler English substitutes. For instance, instead of ordering a "formaggi semplice," you can simply just order a cheese pizza. New menu items, such as a new double pepperoni pizza, new sandwiches, a new salad and new pizza sauce were introduced.

I spoke with Sara Carhart, area director for SPIN! Pizza, about the changes.

I reported, filmed B-roll footage and edited the video for The Muleskinner. Camera used was a JVC prosumer digital video camera with Sony wireless lavalier microphones, and footage was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro for Macintosh.

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