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About this Site

I had originally created another site, called the "First Generation Rambler Club", in 2011. That club was more of an online resource for information about the "First Generation" (1902-1914) Rambler, and the Thomas B. Jeffery Company's involvement in the automotive industry at the time. However, the site didn't last long, and no longer exists.

This site is an attempt to recreate that site, from look and feel. The look and feel of the original FGRC website was very basic, as I was just learning how to code basic HTML during the time.

I was inspired by Lewis Miller to recreate this website, and expand it from where I left off. Lewis Miller is the "curator" of the local Mitchell Museum, as his grandparents were involved in the Mitchell Company. Similar to Thomas B. Jeffery Company, the Mitchell Company started by building wagons, eventually manufactured bicycles, and later manufactured automobiles. The Mitchell Car Company was bought by Nash Motor Company, same company which purchased the Rambler, in 1918. You can view Miller's website for his museum here. The Mitchell Car Company produced automobiles in Racine, Wisconsin - which is only about 20 miles north of Kenosha. Miller was born in Kenosha.

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