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This section is currently under construction. This section will be used to house the other pages on my website regarding the LLV (Long Life Vehicle) and additional pages that may "pop up" in the future.

LLV Availability: Since the USPS (United States Postal Service) has not currently named a replacement for the LLV, they are still in use by post offices nationwide. While your local LLV may have been replaced with another type of vehicle (the FFV, Ram Promaster, etc.), this isn't the vehicle that will replace the LLVs. Because of this fact, the LLV will not be available in large quantities until the USPS officially retires them. I'm currently following this closely.

If you're planning on buying one now, don't give up hope. While the USPS was the largest buyer of the vehicles, they were still sold to individuals, companies, and other government agencies. The Canadian Postal Service have begun retiring their LLV fleet.

Tips for Buying an LLV (as of now): Since the LLV was sold to other government agencies, government equipment bidding websites like GovDeals may have LLVs listed for sale in auctions. Since they're primarily sold in auctions, the prices can range from $3,000 to nearly $12,000 for a like-new LLV.

If you've found an LLV you like, there are several things to remember when purchasing any vehicle - especially a vintage or high-hours vehicle like the LLV:

Yes, they're legal. The Grumman LLV is street legal in most cases. They do have a VIN # and a data plate.

If you're purchasing a LLV:

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