Maggie's Bar and Grill

For the Record: This isn't the first time I've been to this place, but this is the first time I went alone and was able to take pictures and actually savor the food. The other time was during my internship with the BDN. The whole BDN staff went.

Maggie's Bar and Grill is one of the many restaurants you will find downtown on Main Street. While Maggie's is also a bar, I will be reviewing the food for obvious reasons.

Despite looking at the menu for some time, I don't remember a lot of they serve. They're famous for their burgers, which is what I ordered. While I ordered an ordinary cheeseburger, you can order their wide variety of specialty burgers.

foodAs for the quantity and quality, both are very good. For $7, you get a fairly large hamburger patty. It isn't only big (as in circumferance), but also very thick and juicy. The quality is very good - the burger is well done and juicy. The cheese (Swiss?) was good, and melted into a goo on my particular example. You also get a lot of really good fries with your cheeseburger.

I sat on the patio to enjoy the nice weather. The inside can get loud at times, but the outside patio area is fairly comfortable - depending on the weather, of course. Unlike the inside, the patio does not have any noisy TV's, and you don't have the walls to reverberate the sound.

(This review is short because there isn't much to talk about. It is very good, and thus there isn't much I can fault this place for.)

Tip: skip paralell parking on Main Street (which, lets face it, is a ticket to parking hell.) Instead, park in back. If you turn onto Spring street, you can follow the alley (the one by the post office) to their parking lot that is next to the patio area. I'm not sure if you are also allowed to park in the large vacated parking lot (across the alley from the patio, next to the post office) in case their parking lot is already full.

I visited this place before close, so your results may vary on when you decide to go.

Variety- Mainly burgers and other typical American fare, though there are some specialty burgers and other main course options. Also a wide variety of side choices. 5/5
Food Quality-Really good. The burger is very juicy and well done. The bun is toasted to perfection (not too crispy), and the cheese was melted to a good goo. 5/5
Employee Friendliness- My waitress was excellent. Despite being out on the patio, she made sure I was taken care of. 5/5
Cleanliness- the inside is fairly clean. 5/5
Interior (decor and comfort)- If you're inside, it can get a little loud. The TV's are loud, and the walls reverberate the sound to make it much louder. If the weather is nice, go out on the patio. It is very comfortable out there, and you don't have to worry about reverberated sound or TVs blaring. 4/5
Value- Great quantity and quality for the price. Perhaps the best value in the downtown district? (I now need to try WJ's - its 6th street competition across the vacated parking lot.) 5/5

Overall Rating (29/30) - 97%

If you're in Boonville, try this place. You'll be glad you did. Great prices, quality and quantity, and very friendly employees. Set on the patio for added comfort and minimal distractions.

Maggie's Bar and Grill
416 Main Street,
Boonville, Missouri 65233

PARKING IN REAR: next to the post office rear lot (you'll see the spaces next to the patio fence)

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