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The Kewanee Boiler section of my personal website started in 2014 as a collection of my personal pictures of the two Kewanee Boilers I located in my high school and vocational technical school. Prior to starting the website, I was featured in Dave Clarke's "Boiler Sightings" column in the Star Courier in Kewanee, Illinois.

Since Dave's retirement, this site has expanded into being a repository for Kewanee Boiler sightings, as well as information and more.

About the Webmaster

Hi, my name is Garrett Fuller. As mentioned, I started this website after becoming interested in Kewanee Boilers. My interest in Kewanee Boilers - as well as boilers in general - began after locating the 1968 American Standard/Kewanee boiler in our high school basement during my tenure as basketball team manager between November 2013 and 2016. Prior to becoming interested in boilers, I had an interest in heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems large and small.

My other hobbies include vintage computing, other vintage technology and bicycling. I've created a section on my site dedicated to vintage computer and I hope to eventually start a small collection of vintage computers. I've also created another section dedicated to AT&T's "Long Lines" network - a Cold War-era microwave relay network for telephone, television and miscellaneous data signals.

I'm currently attending a university to receive a Bachelor's degree in journalism.

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Have questions, comments, or concerns? Or perhaps want to submit your Kewanee Boiler photos for inclusion on the site? I'd love to hear them!

My name is Garrett Fuller and my e-mail is


This site is copyright © 2014-2020 Garrett Fuller. Photos are property of Garrett Fuller or (for submitted photos and items otherwise stated) their respective parties and submitters.

This site is not associated in any way with the Kewanee Boiler Corporation or the Burnham Boiler Corporation.

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This site was originally designed from scratch using HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T420. Since, the site's maintenance has been moved over to an IBM ThinkPad T42 running Windows 7, using Crimson Editor as the editor.

In 2020, site maintenance has been moved to a 2019 13" MacBook Pro, using BBEdit.

Personal Website

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