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EDIT: shortly after the publication of this review, Dos Arcos permanently closed their doors.

What tastes like cleaning supplies and battery acid, and the waiters pretend like you're speaking in a frequency that they can't hear? If you said Dos Arcos - you're right! And this is a tragic story, because I had really high hopes for this place. I was thoroughly satisfied the first two visits here when it first opened. Don't believe me? You can see my original review here.

However, I will never be eating here again. I will take my chances at La Hacienda. La Hacienda has been doing somewhat better, but their order accuracy is still very poor unless you're speaking to the manager/owner. One waiter knows very little English and has always made an error on my order, and knows very little customer service skills. But at least the food quality itself is good, and doesn't taste like things.

Before I go into full rant mode, let me explain. One night, I was going to get something to eat for dinner. My coices were simple: Maggie's across the street (which I'll do another review on sometime), or this place. Maggie's looked very busy, and this place looked empty. (I had even parked my car in the Maggie's lot before making the decision to go to Dos Arcos.)

I walk in, but first notice somethng that catches my attention. While walking in, there are checks pasted on the window. I'm assuming these are checks that have bounced, which is a common practice to keep them so that they know who not to accept checks from. No problem there. The issue is pasting them right in clear view of the customers - privacy, anyone?

With issue #1 aside, I was promptly seated. The atmosphere has changed considerably since my first review. They now have two big TVs that are blaring the announcements of a baseball game in Spanish. It was just me, as the only other person walked out as I walked in. However, it didn't stay that for too long. (A Little League baseball game must've just ended.)

salsaAt most Mexican Restaurants, chips and salsa is the appetizers. This is true at Dos Arcos, but most places have decent salsa. La Hacienda has really good salsa, but others have "higher quality" salsa. This is the first time that I almost gagged on a salsa. This salsa didn't taste like your ordinary salsa - rather, it had the similar taste to what I'd imagine Windex or another cleaning chemical would taste like. So, fine. Maybe the actual food will be much better.

I'm not going to lie - I'm very picky about Mexican food, and I'm that "that guy" that has about 30 billion needs and wants. For me, I like enchiladas that have just chicken inside of them, or cheese. No fancy onions or tomatoes or something. Just chicken. I'm not so sure why that is such a hard concept to grasp, but it is. However, the waiter ensured me that he knew what I meant and he would replace the bean enchilada with another chicken enchilada. (Later, I find out this is somewhat of a lie. I'll explain later.)

FoodSo, after waiting while sucking down the Sprite and eating my chips and salsa, I finally received my food. The first sign of trouble with the main course was the smell. I decided to dip a chip in the red sauce (which everything was drenched in), but learned that was a HUGE mistake. That stuff tasted like what I had imagined battery acid would taste like (minus the burning action.) Very bitter and somewhat acidic taste, not very pleasant. Oh god, here we go.

Problem #2 arose: after cutting into the chicken enchilada, they put everything that I specifically asked them to not put in the enchilada, was in the enchilada. The waiter took the plate back to have it remade (in somewhat of a rude manner; he didn't appologize or anything), and I waited again. This time, I asked him to leave the red sauce off.

He comes back and problem #3 was obvious. After specifically asking for them to leave the nasty red sauce/battery acid sauce off, they did it again, although not flooding the plate with the stuff. Angry, I asked for my bill.

Problem #4 arose, and this was the last straw. $12 for the meal I could barely eat, and poor accuracy and very rude when remaking the meal. I paid up, despite bringing up the point that I was being charged $4 more than I was supposed to. (Supposedly, the chicken enchilada cost $2 extra when substituting for the bean enchilada. Nobody mentioned this, it wasn't in the menu, and I didn't think twice about it. LaHa doesn't charge to substitute items.) So I paid up (I just wanted to get out of there) and left. (If I was in a bad mood, I wouldn't have even paid. Afterall, they didn't really try.)

NEVER AGAIN. And this is a bummer - it used to be really good (86% overall rating), but not anymore.

Variety- The variety at this place is good. If you enjoy AUTHENTIC Mexican food, I would go to La Tolteca. Otherwise, if you're like me, the menu offers a lot of variety. They have a bigger selection than LaHa, including a bigger dessert menu. 5/5
Food Quality-Horrible. The salsa - of all things - tasted like cleaning supplies. The red sauce tasted like battery acid and was extremely bitter. 1/5
Employee Friendliness- My waiter tonight was extremely rude when bringing out the meal. He didn't even get my order right, and charged me $4 extra for something that shouldn't have been charged without my knowledge. 1/5
Cleanliness- The restaurant was very clean. In the bathroom, the light bulbs were burned out. 3/5
Interior (decor and comfort)- TV's are extremely loud. If you were trying to have a conversation in this place, you'd have to yell for the person next to you to be able to hear you. They have added a bar, but it is very dimly lit. 3/5
Value- Order was never made correctly, food tasted disgusting, and I was charged $4 extra for something that should've not been extra. Plus, they never told me that it would cost extra for substituting an item. Also, the waiter was unfriendly and did I mention the food was horrible? 1/5

Overall Rating (14/30) - 47%

Stay away from this place, unless you like disgusting food and unfriendly waiters. (Yes, this place has a worse score than ol' Burger Haus.)

Dos Arcos
415 Main Street,
Boonville, Missouri 65233

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