Dos Arcos: (The Original) Review

This is an old review of Dos Arcos from when it first opened. See how this restaurant has changed here.

menuIn Boonville, there were two Mexican restaurants. La Hacienda (or simply LaHa), has been the Mexican Restaurant me and my family has frequented since I was a little toddler. The food used to be great, but in recent years they have been going downhill at a significant pace, and probably won't be long before their doors are closed. The food quality at LaHa has dropped consistently. A new Mexican Restaurant inhabited the building where the KFC/Long John Silvers combo restaurant was located, before the franchise who owned the KFC/LJS restaurants in the Mid-MO area switched to JC's Chicken - their failed attempt at trying to make it big. (All that did was fail big time, feed people "chicken" [I'm not sure what was served there- but it wasn't chicken], before going out of business.)

This new Mexican Restaurant, titled "La Tolteca", opened last fall. It looked like a promising place, but of course, my expectations overexceeded the actual quality. The food was priced expensive, well above the food at LaHa. Sure, the menu at La Tolteca had more "authentic Mexican" fare, but the food was outrageously priced, and the quality wasn't much better. I ordered a meal consisting of taquitos (four) and they were all burnt to the point where I couldn't finish my meal. And said meal cost me $14 with my drink.

So, clearly, it is time for Boonville to "upgrade" to a decent Mexican Restaurant. This is where Dos Arcos came in. It only opened a couple weeks ago, but the place was packed the night I tried it. I had to park a block away, so it better be good.

The Menu

The menu at Dos Arcos (literally "Two Arches" in Spanish - possible low-key McDonald rip-off?) is similar to the one at LaHa. Not by many means "authentic" Mexican food, but decent and somewhat spicy.

At LaHa, my "usual" is the Enchiladas Mexicanas. It consists of three enchiladas, one filled with beef, one with chicken, and one with cheese. Spanish Rice is on the side, and the whole dish is covered with ranchero ("the red") sauce.

The Food

salsafoodSince Dos Arcos doesn't offer the Enchiladas Mexicanas, I ordered its close cousin, the Enchiladas Supremas. Instead of three, there are four enchiladas. One bean, one chicken, one beef, and one cheese. I substituted my bean enchilada for another chicken, and didn't want any chrunchy vegetables. They brought the dish back with a salad on top, which is exactly what I told them to NOT have.

But, they fixed it, and the food quality is fairly decent. The beef enchilada was horrible, but the beef enchilada at any Mexican Restaurant is my least favorite. Everything else was delicious.

Like LaHa and any other Mexican Restaurant, they offered chips and salsa before and during the meal. Just your typical tortilla chips, but the salsa was really great.

The Decor

Since this restaurant is practically new, they're still in the process of setting up things. So I'm going to have to overlook some of the things in their favor.

The first thing was that the interior was dark in some places. There was a corner of the restaurant (future bar?) that was not even lit. The area where the restroom entrances are located is separated from the main restaurant by a paneling wall that stops 3/4 of the way to the cieling. The only source of light in this part of the restaurant is from the dining area, and it feels dark and claustrophobic.

The seating and tables were really nice. They outdid themselves here, and the seats were extremely comfortable.

Variety- The variety at this place is good. If you enjoy AUTHENTIC Mexican food, I would go to La Tolteca. Otherwise, if you're like me, the menu offers a lot of variety. They have a bigger selection than LaHa, including a bigger dessert menu. 5/5
Food Quality- The food quality was really good. It was similar to LaHa back when it was good, and the salsa and ranchero sauce was excellent. 5/5
Employee Friendliness- My waitress was friendly, but she rarely checked in with me. However, she met all of my needs. Some of the employees were dancing and singing along to songs in Spanish on their radio. 4/5
Cleanliness- The restaurant was very clean. 5/5
Interior (decor and comfort)- This score is preliminary, as this business is new and still setting things up. However, some parts of the restaurant were dark and claustrophobic feeling. However, the dining area itself was well lit, although a little loud. The seating was extremely comfortable. 3/5
Value- Since the food was really good, and just a tad more expensive than LaHa, this place is good value. However, if you're on a string budget, you may want to go somewhere else, as this place (much like any other sit-down restaurant) is somewhat expensive. My ticket was $11, including my meal and drink. 4/5

Overall Rating (26/30) - 86%

This place offers excellent food at a great value and cost. I will definitely be back, and I will definitely recommend it to friends. LaHa has met its match, and Boonville really needed a good Mexican Restaurant again.

Dos Arcos
415 Main Street,
Boonville, Missouri 65233

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