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TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer, written in C, for Microsoft Windows and Linux-based operating systems.

Unlike other modern pieces of software, TiMidity++ (or simply "TiMidity") is run through a Terminal window. While there are GUI TiMidity interfaces, it is mainly ran throught the command line. TiMidity can playback (or save to a WAV file) MIDI (.mid), or Modular (.mod) files. TiMidity++ has support for various SoundFonts.

TiMidity was originally created by Tuuka Toivonen in 1995, but updates have been released by a group of contributors led by Masanao Izumo.

My copy of TiMidity++ is running on the Mint Machine, under Linux Mint "Rebecca." It is using the standard recommend SoundFont for use with TiMidity, titled "Freepats." Both TiMidity++ and Freepats are open-source software. My copy of TiMidity is version 2.13.2, and is run through the command line via Terminal. (See below for screenshots of my version.)

Personally, I like TiMidity++. Freepats is a basic SoundFont and contains all the simple samples you would need, but does not contain all. Most files will contain instruments which Freepats does not currently have a sample of. Thus, TiMidity++ will display a message stating this fact and ignore those notes.

Simple TiMidity++ Commands

If you are like me and don't opt to install a separate TiMidity++ GUI, you must run TiMidity from the command line. This is how TiMidity comes, straight off the internet.

To execute the playback of a MIDI (.mid) or MODular (.mod) file, you simply enter the filepath following "timidity". Pressing enter will execute the program, and play the file directly through the audio output. Any lyrics or comments will show up in the terminal window. See example below:

timidity /path/to/my/file.mid

To write the file to a WAV file, you just add one small section of code. The "-Ow" will tell TiMidity to write a WAV file. The exported WAV file will typically contain the same name and be placed in the same folder as the source file, but will be of the WAV file format. See example below:

timidity -Ow /path/to/my/file.mid       

TiMidity++ Screenshots

You can click on an image to view a larger resolution version of that image. (All large resolution versions open in new tabs.)

TiMidity++ Details

The Details of TiMidity++.


TiMidity++ executing a MIDI file directly.

Write to WAV

TiMidity++ after converting a MIDI file to a WAV file, which requires no synthesizer to play.

Executing with Lyrics

TiMidity++ playing a song with lyrics; the lyrics are displayed (bottom) and are continiously updated.

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