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Garrett's Bikes

As of now, I only have the 1981 Free Spirit Pinnacle road bike. Originally made by Huffy for Sears-Roebuck in 1981, this bike serves as my (only) road bike. I purchased it back in 2011.

My second bike, which was scrapped in 2015 due to mechanical issues (gear issues, and pedals which broke off, and later the entire pedal assembly breaking off) and tire issues, was a Huffy Superia mountain bike. It replaced the 1981 Free Spirit Pinnacle when it had tire/rim issues, and was used as both a trail and street bike. Some parts were salvaged from it, including the rims, tires, and inner tubes, but the rest was scrapped.

In addition to a detail about these bikes, this part of my website has some technical details regarding bicycles for use by anyone. Links to those pages are listed below.

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