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About this Website

I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my home on the internet, and reading through the various topics covered on this site. However, I have a few messages regarding this site, and the usage of it.

Several people originally gave me inspiration to create this site. Credit would go to Rick Black and Steve Jelf, who created the "Dauntless Geezer" website.

This website was funded using private funds. Due to this, there are no (and will never be) advertisements on this website.

Legal Stuff

I'm going to try to keep this paragraph short and sweet, as nobody loves reading legal stuff. In short, all content on my website are property of myself (Garrett Fuller), and are copyrighted, unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to use some of the content, please gain my permission before using it. I will, in most cases, grant you permission to use the content, but in the rare occasions I say "no", I ask you to respect my wishes. You can contact me by using the contact form on the (More) About Me page. Also, you may use any advice provided on this website, but I will NOT accept any responsibility for damages or injuries caused by using my advice.

Copyright Images

My goal is to use images pertaining to the items discussed throughout the site. Some pictures, especially on the "Vintage Computer Info" pages, are used from other websites.

I strive to find and use pictures which are certified for use under Creative Commons and Free Use licenses. However, if you find an image which you own on this site and would like for it to be removed, please feel free to e-mail me.

You're a web designer, right?

Yep. So you may be wondering why this website looks so bland. In truth, this website is built and updated in my free time, which is far and few between. So I really don't have much time to add bells and whistles, and make it look like a million bucks.

Techy Stuff

This website is created and maintained on a Lenovo ThinkPad T420, running Windows 10 - although some portions were created on a Late 2014 MacMini using Adobe Brackets and Pixelmator. The large portion of this site designed using the T420 was created using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, using graphics made in Adobe Photoshop.

The photographs on this website may be from other sources, as noted on most pages. These photographs are not my property, and are property of their respective owners.

Additionally, the photographs used on this site which were taken by myself were either taken with one of two cameras: an old (but trustworthy) Canon PowerShot A70 digital camera from around 2005 (5 megapixels), or my cell phone - a Nokia Lumia (5 megapixels.) These photos were prepared for use on the web, and formatted in either GIF or JPEG (84% quality) format to conserve space, and are typically at a maximum resolution of 1111 pixels wide (landscape) or 1111 pixels tall (portrait.)

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