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MeMy name is Garrett Fuller, and I'm a Senior in high school. This website serves as a place for me to share about my opinions, and information regarding my many (some strange) hobbies.

My Hobbies

My primary hobby is computers. I've toyed with computers since before I even started Kindergarten thanks to a gift from my grandparents, and my "hobby" has grown even larger since then. I plan on pursuing a career in CIS (Computer Information Systems), specifically networking and hardware (the hardware side of things) in my future, although I'm open to whichever the direction wind blows me.

My secondary hobby is journalism. It isn't really a hobby, but rather something I found interesting and started doing. I joined the Pirate Press staff, which is the staff which creates our school newspaper, in my Sophomore year of high school. Just a couple months after joining the Pirate Press staff, I started an internship under the editor at the Boonville Daily News. I currently write independent articles, in addition to articles which are syndicated by KMZU, a local radio station.

Some of my other hobbies include strange things. Bicycles and the Ford Model A are two hobbies which I would like to enjoy more often, but am limited. My last hobby is Kewanee Boilers. That "hobby" formed after I took a picture of the 1968 American-Standard/Kewanee boiler in our high school boiler room, and sent it to the newspaper editor in Kewanee. I've been featured numerous times since. :-)

Who am I?

Now that you know my hobbies, now you should probably know more about me personally.

I'm just an ordinary high school Senior. I'm preparing to pursue a career in CIS, and I volunteer at local organizations and have interned at a local newspaper office.

I'm originally from the middle of nowhere. We lived half-way between Arrow Rock and Slater, Missouri, two small towns (Arrow Rock population was around 72, Slater less than 1,000) located in rural Saline County, Missouri. I grew up and attended school at a small rural elementary school until the 6th grade. A devastating fire forced us to move, and I ended up where I'm at now.


Web Editor, Pirate Press- I am the web editor for the Pirate Press, our school newspaper. In addition to writing articles for the print newspaper, I oversee actions on our website and our Facebook page, as well as other social media accounts.

Webmaster and Technology Advisor, CCBC- I am the webmaster and technology advisor for a local organization known as the CCBC. The CCBC, or Concerned Citizens for a Better Community (formerly the Concerned Citizens for the Black Community), is dedicated to improving our community. My job is to update the website and make changes, and my job as technology advisor is give input on new computer systems and peripherals and technologies, as well as setting up and maintaining the equipment. My plan is also to start volunteer teaching a computer class for adults at the CCBC later this year.

I'd like to personally thank you for viewing my home on the internet.

At a Glance...

Favorite Color Teal (#00829B)
Favorite Musician Paul Young

currently unemployed :-(
former server at an undisclosed location



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