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Hi! My name is Garrett Fuller, and I’m a professional journalist and web designer in Warrensburg, Missouri - a small town near Kansas City. Here are some areas of my expertise:

  • Journalism - I’ve covered everything from crime to human interest to elevators.
  • Website design - I’ve assisted non-profit organizations by providing custom, high-quality solutions.
  • Print design - I’ve designed newspapers, advertisements and much more.

Want to learn more about me? My about page details my past and present, as well as about my experience. My portfolio goes into more detail and provides a taste of my previous experience. Have any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email.


Sony NX5U video camera

I've covered a wide variety of topics - from the local city council to elevator outages to writing about the history of buildings - for multiple professional publications. My stories have spanned various mediums: print, online, photo galleries, videos and more.

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Web Design

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Today, the internet is the premier source of information and communication. Instead of telephone books, people rely on the internet to find what they need. I’ve helped an organization enter the 21st century with professional, custom web design solutions. And I can help you, too.

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Print Design

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Having professionally-designed materials can make a huge difference - the difference of getting a customer, or perhaps efficiently presenting your ideas. I’ve produced professional print designs, from advertisements to posters to newspaper page layouts.

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