Stampin’ Out Hunger: One home at a time

It is estimated that nearly 49 million people go hungry every day, including 16 million children. However, one group of people you’d least expect is trying to solve that problem.

Nearly 10,000 post offices – including the Boonville one – have been working together to eliminate hunger through a program which they have titled “Stamp Out Hunger.” For 25 years, the program has raised over 1.5 billion pounds of food, which has tremendously helped the hunger situation in our area.

DELIVERING HOPE – Ann Moyer, a letter carrier, places a donation into the back of her truck.

Robert “Bob” Horst, despite being retired for five years after serving as a letter carrier for 37 years, still volunteers is time towards the program.

“I think it’s very good (that the post office is doing the program.) It has been going for a long time and is very helpful to our two food pantries,” Horst said.

LIFTING SPIRITS – A food pantry volunteer assists a letter carrier in unloading the collected food.

The program could not have been successful without the help of volunteers, which is mostly comprised of retired letter carriers. Volunteers assisted letter carriers in collecting and transporting the food, as well as weighing the food.

TO THE WEIGH STATION – Bob Horst transports a filled cart into the weighing station. The cart contains 375 pounds of food.

After being weighed, the food went directly to the two food pantries in Boonville; Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and the As the River Flows pantry. Linda Perry, leader of the As the River Flows pantry on Rural Street, feels the program greatly impacts the community.

“It’s a necessity because we’ve had the factories shut down and the way the economy is going. All of the prices of groceries are rising, but people are making less,” Perry said.

This year, the Boonville program raised 2,957 pounds of food. In 2016, the Boonville program raised 3,975 pounds of food and over $1,100 in monetary donations.

Volunteer Bob Kempf collects a donation made by C&R Markets.

“I felt the program went well. I’m never disappointed at the way our community helps. Everything that we collect goes back into the community to those in need,” added Perry.

Perry would like to say thanks to the letter carriers and residents of Boonville and Cooper County.

“Without the help of the post office, residents of Cooper County and especially Bob Horst, this would not have been possible,” stated Perry.

If you’d like to donate to either one of the local food pantries, you can call the Neighbors Helping Neighbors at 660-537-2183, or Linda Perry at 660-537-4511.

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Story written for Boonville Daily News in May 2017. Photos copyright 2017-18 Garrett Fuller, used by the Boonville Daily News under permission.

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