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Hello! My name is Garrett Fuller, and I'm a digital media professional in central Missouri. Here are some areas of my expertise:

  • Writing - As a journalist, I've written about everything from crime to human interest stories to elevators. I'm also a blogger who has written about everything from vintage computers to boilers to microwave relay systems.
  • Multimedia - I've produced audio podcasts, commercials, video packages, and more.
  • Design - I've designed newspapers, advertisements, websites, and much more.

Want to learn more about me? My about page details my past and present experience and provides a glimpse into who I am. Have any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email.

Video Demo Reel

This video demo reel contains a collection of just a couple of my works to demonstrate my videography and video editing abilities.

Journalistic Videos/Packages

  • 0:10-0:25 - Faces of UCM: Kelly Murphy
  • 0:26-0:34 - Building Automation Maintains Temperatures at UCM
  • 0:35-0:51 - 'Delizioso' Changes Affecting SPIN! Pizza
  • 0:51-1:10 - Students and their Hobbies


  • 1:15-1:30 - Popco Super Butter Popcorn (:15 spot)
  • 1:30-1:45 - Mental Health Awareness PSA


Keyboard, pen and paper

As a professional journalist, I've covered a wide array of topics: local city council meetings, campus history, and elevators. On the side, I maintain a blog where I write about my hobbies. My writing has been featured in both print and online publications.

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Sony NX5u video camera

Today, words alone won't captivate an audience. I've used multimedia elements - photo galleries, soundbites, and video packages - to complement my stories as a journalist. On the side, I've produced a podcast called the UCM Veteran's Voice.

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Wireframe design

Having professionally-designed materials can make a huge difference - the difference of getting a customer, or perhaps efficiently presenting your ideas. I've produced professional print designs, from advertisements to posters to newspaper page layouts.

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